Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Engagement Season in The Washington Post!

We were very excited to see that Santa left a copy of The Washington Post in our stocking on Christmas morning! Ellen McCarthy's piece on engagement season is a great read and we were honored to have been included. This time of year, many lucky ladies will be receiving a ring, and this article gives some insight into the vendor side of engagement season.

"Even couples who got engaged long before the holidays often double down on their planning efforts after the new year. “Over the holiday, everyone asks these girls, ‘When’s your wedding? What’s your wedding date?’ And those who don’t have an answer want an answer quick,” says Jennifer Stiebel, founder of SoCo Events, a Washington wedding planning firm. “If they don’t have that all squared up, panic sets in.”

Stiebel typically gets 50 percent of her inquiries for the year in January and February, so she’ll spend much of next month meeting with prospective clients, polishing her portfolio and touching base with favorite vendors. She gets some calls from couples just starting out and others from brides who got halfway through the planning process and began to feel overwhelmed."

Click here to read the full article and "let the planning begin"!


image courtesy of The Washington Post

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Remembering Loved Ones

A few weeks back during a meeting one of my brides expressed the difficulty she was feeling that her mother, who had passed, would not be there with her on her wedding day. Unfortunately, this is not the first time I have been presented with this scenario, and I always want to make sure we include a parent or loved one who is no longer with us, in a way that honors their memory but also focuses on the happy celebration. I have had brides wear their father's favorite dress shirt as they are getting ready or wear a piece of their mother's jewelry walking down the aisle. Grooms have clutched a grandfather's pocket watch as they recite their vows or even choose to use their father's wedding band from this day forward.

While these were great ideas, this bride was looking for something more. I thought about some ideas over the next few days, and "it" came to me while in a department store. I was passing by the perfume counters and I saw a bottle of Chanel No. 5 that immediately made me think of my own mother. This is her "signature scent" and it often lets me know she has come into the room before she even speaks. I called my bride right away and asked what perfume her mother wore. The sales lady was kind enough to give me a sample, which I brought to our next meeting. I suggested that she wear her mother's "signature scent" on her wedding day and when I sprayed the sample, she was instantly reminded of her mother.

Scent has such a way to conjure up memories,and I could not think of a better way for a bride or groom to remember a loved one, then to wear their perfume or cologne on the wedding day.

"Long after one has forgotten what a woman wore, the memory of her perfume lingers." -Christian Dior


Thank you to Jennifer Lust Portrait Design for the beautiful images!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Candy For Troops

Happy candy overdose day! If you are anything like me, you over bought in anticipation for the hundreds of princesses and super heros you thought you were getting, and now have pounds of left overs! Instead of engaging in the battle of "to eat or not to eat," stay healthy and do some good at the same time by donating your candy to the troops. There are several organizations that are accepting your post Halloween treats, so find one below that works for you and purge those mini diet busters...

For DC Locals:
MoverMoms is a 501 (c)(3) non profit group of moms who have dedicated themselves to doing regular volunteer projects around the community. Their Treats-4-Troops Candy Collection has several drop off locations all around the DC, MD and VA area through Saturday, November 5th. You can drop off at any time, so find a location close to you today!

If you are not in the DC area, Operation Shoebox, accepts your donations by mail. Operation Shoebox is an amazing organization that is committed to sending care packages that are handmade with love. Each bag contains a hand written letter to the soldier letting them know how much they are loved and appreciated. They even try to include something for the troops to hand out to the children in the area.
Mail donations to the following address
Operation Shoebox
8360 E Highway 25
Belleview, FL 34420

So get the candy to one of these great organizations and have a big heart, rather than bigger hips :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Feature Katie and Andrew!!!

One of our favorite weddings has been spot lighted by no other than THE Grace Ormonde Wedding Style! This is definitely a major moment for us SoCo Events ladies! This wedding was truly one of a kind, and we are so happy that Grace thought so too! A link to the feature and a few images are below

Grace Ormonde Wedding Style: "Love at First Shot-Katie and Andrew"

There are too many wonderful images for one post, so stay tuned for a full post with all the details!


Friday, October 7, 2011

District Weddings Feature-Janine and Ajit!

We were thrilled to see our lovely couple Janine and Ajit's wedding featured this week on District Weddings! Janine and Ajit had a multi-cultural affair last summer at the oh so beautiful Willard Hotel. I worked with the couple for about a year to pull off two ceremonies, a traditional Indian and a Christian, and a fabulous and fun reception. It was important to the couple to blend both of their family traditions, and both families were excited to participate!

I just love how amazing the bride and groom were in their "2 looks"

Check out all the gorgeous details from this affair in the District Weddings post!

Thanks to Deb Lindsey for the drool worthy photos. I leave you with one of my favorites from the day. The way the photo captures the groom's love for his bride still gets to me!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Light the Night with Carine's Bridal

Carine's Bridal is participating in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Light the Night Walk, and she needs our help!! I remember about five years ago when Carine and I first met. She and I were both taking a leap by going out on our own, which lead to us bond over "girl power!" One of the first things she told me about was her amazing father who she had just lost and how alike they were in personality and from the picture below, looks as well!

Although he could not see her fulfill her dream of her own bridal salon, he would be present in every sale she made. From the day she opened her doors, she has committed a portion of her sales to beating the disease that took her father. Isn't it nice to know that the purchase of your beautiful gown is helping others?!?!?
Please help Carine reach her goal and help those who are battling blood cancer.

Click here to help!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Food Truck Guide: How & When to Use Them in Your Wedding!

Food Trucks are all the craze these days. The most innovative, tasty, fast and most importantly, wallet-friendly creations are being served through a truck window and popping up all over the DC metropolitan area from Tyson’s Corner to Bethesda, K Street to Capitol Hill. These trendy trucks are convenient and fresh and thus the coolest and most unique way to leave your wedding guests with an unprecedented, delicious taste in their mouths. So how, you will ask, can you be expected to use a vehicular grub stop during any point of your fabulous and classy wedding? I will tell you when would be the most prime time throughout your celebration to do so,when your guests will most appreciate it (and later to rave to everyone they know about what a great idea it was!), and I’ll also dish out a few examples of few of the hottest food trucks that are currently the talk of the town!

Food Trucks During Rehearsal Dinner
Let’s be honest, rehearsal dinner is usually a hectic, yet fabulous reunion where your most cherished family and out of towners gather to enjoy “the last supper,” if you will, before your big day. So why not remove the pressure and formality and make it a little more casual, convenient and cheap by using a crowd-pleasing food truck? I can’t think of a more perfect accessory and means of dining to set a comfortable, fun tone for the night and flawless setting for your guests to bond. Plus food truck fare in the District ranges from Ethiopian to crabcakes and even from Korean Tacos to cupcakes and crepes, so pick a truck who’s specialty may blend well with your wedding theme, be relevant to your ethnicity, or just one that you can’t get enough of and want to share with the ones you love.

Scrumptious lobster rolls from Red Hook Lobster Pound!

3 Korean taco options from TaKorean ( love the play on words)!

Food Trucks During The Big Night? (oh yes, it works!)
Although you’ve put tons of thought, and dollar bills, into acquiring most perfect, delectable feast to enjoy as a newlywed with your spouse, and feed one hundred, if not hundreds, of your guests, weddings can be so intensely fabulous and beautifully distracting, that it’s hard to always remember to eat what’s on your plate. This is especially true when you are trying to meet and greet friendly faces, old and new, while making sure to hit the dance floor, that photo booth over there, and oh! time for a speech! You get the point. So after all that running around, dancing, sprints to the bathroom, and champagne, it IS possible to leave a wedding wanting a little more. Food, that is. This is where a Food Truck can come in, as a party favor for your guests as they exist the venue. This will be hours after the main course was served, and most likely GREATLY appreciated by guests galore! Out of towners, who don’t live in NYC, will marvel at the concept and thank you for ALL the new experiences they had that night. After reading recent reviews on the DC food trucks that are all the rage, one commenter explained that she loved Pleasant Pops so much, they ordered them for dessert at their wedding and everyone approved their pick. The possibilities with this new capitol city obsession are endless!

Some Meals on Wheels Worth Checking Out:

Savory Concoctions
Fajol Bros
Red Hook Lobster Pound
Basil Thyme
DC Empanadas
Fry Captain (Sweet option too: Milkshakes!)
District of Pi

Sweet Stops
Curbside Cupcakes
Love the pink truck!

Cheesecake Truck
Sweet Bites

Well now you know where to get lunch today!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Beach Gift Ideas: What every bridesmaid would be happy to receive...and actually use!

Bridesmaids are the lucky women you chose to stand beside you on one of the most significant days of your life. You love them, right? Whether they’ve helped you tremendously or only slightly along the way, what matters is they’ve contributed to your happiness on your wedding day and you should express your gratitude towards them with a thoughtful gift. Since beach weddings are unlike any other wedding, it would be awesomely appreciated to give them something relevant and useful during their seaside stay. Here are some ideas to get you rolling:

● A monogrammed beach bag filled with goodies such as a beach towel, flip flops, SPF, and perhaps a reusable, aluminum water bottle if you are feeling eco-friendly. Take a look at the always comfortable and practical Havaiana flip flops in these fabulous “Slim-Turkish” styles:

...Tres chic! A solid, bright colored style would also be a great choice for your maids.

When Lilly Pulitzer isn’t making lobster speckled men’s khaki’s, she is making these stainless steel, re-usable water bottles in beachy chic designs (free of nasty BPA too!)

...A fun, practical addition to any gift bag, plus a wise idea to encourage your ladies to stay hydrated during the celebratory, albeit booze and sun-filled weekend.

A loose, thin, comfy fabric is perfect for lounging in sea or pool side, and even paired later in the evening with white jeans for a casual seafood dinner. Roberta Roller Rabbit makes Tunics, Kurtas (sarongs), and Beach Bags in beautiful traditional Indian prints.

Shown above is a fabulous sarong, one of the Tunics in an ultra flattering blue and white print that blends beautiful with the coastal scenery and an array of several of the designer’s classic and creative prints and accessories. Make your bridesmaid gifts even more special by personalizing each of the gals gifts by picking colors and patterns that most compliment each girl’s look

● A gift certificate to experience something adventurously unique to your beach location (i.e. wild horse tour, jet skiing, crabbing, surf lessons)

● A large, hardcover coffee table book of the coastal town you are in, complete with gorgeous pictures to remember it by. It will spice up their pads and be available to flip through when they’re feeling nostalgic!

● A funky, bright colored make-up bag filled with a girls favorite seaside toiletries such as shimmery self tanner, tropical-colored nail polish, bronzer, waterproof mascara, and a dual cheek/lip stain. To be more specific and get you rolling, here are some ideas:
*Check out this collectible Stila beach palette with an adorable name: “Still Haute in the Hamptons” available at Sephora (now on Sale!!):

This glam collection comes in four additional color palettes, each with a different coastal location and equally cute catch phrases.

* Let your girls share some of your wedding glow with this delicious, body-quenching, all-natural Pacifica Island Glow Beautiful Body Kit. It will have their skin looking radiant in your wedding pictures and the coconut scent will remind them of the special beach event long after you’ve said “I do.” BobbiBrown has fabulous sea-reminiscent skin and body finds as well!

Whatever you choose, make it fun, relaxed and hot...just like the beach!


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Beach Bound Bridesmaids!

Last week's heat reminded us that Summer is definitely here, which means BEACH WEDDING SEASON is upon us! Being that I just served as a bridesmaid in black-tie, uber-traditional, capitol city wedding, I feel like the perfect candidate to dish out advice on how to properly care for your beachy bridesmaids. Okay, not exactly, but since I grew up by the sea, have dreamed of exchanging my vows in the sand (I thank The Little Mermaid for that fairytale vision of mine), and have a little bridesmaid experience up my dress, I have racked up a few suggestions on how to experience smooth sailing when it comes to bridesmaids on the coast. As a bridesmaid, I know I would greatly appreciate if my bride buddy kept these dress tips in mind....

 Keep It Short And Sweet

No, it does not have to be so short that your special ladies wear it clubbing long after you've exchanged vows, but mid-calf or above the knee is an optimal length.  Let's face it, your girls will be paying a fine penny to look beautiful during your special day, and we don;t want a dragging gown to get ruined and weathered by the sand or sea.  Salt water, sand and ocean breeze do not mix well with long, formal designer gowns!  Below are a few from the Monique Lhuillier Bridesmaid Collection, which is now available at one of our fav's, Carine's Bridal Atelier!

Consider Off-The-Rack

The beach screams relaxation, rejuvenation and fun, so it's best not to pick bridesmaid dresses that scream the exact opposite.  Your maids can be comfortable and chic in an easy to access off-the-rack dress!  If none of the females in the wedding party require custom sized apparel, then buying off-the-rack is a more practical option that usually will not break the bank.  See the pictures below of comfortable beach chic Lilly Pulitzer dresses that make for a gorgeous and effortless wedding photo.  Plus, all the women will surely be grateful for not having to make many a trek to the designer bridesmaid dress shop for several fittings and alterations.

Stay Cool!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cutest (Little) Things

So many of my previous brides have taken on a new role as mommies this year and I love getting emails announcing their new arrivals.  I always turn to Cutest Things to send a little something to my brides turned moms, and I was thinking how great some of these items would be as gifts for the little ones in your wedding...
Look at these adorable bags...

This lunch tote would be great filled with a few sweet treats to keep the flower girl going..
Pink Seersucker Lunch Tote

There are so many fun products available to spoil the little ones with! Visit for some great ideas.


Monday, March 28, 2011

A Little Bride Love

I just received this email from our February 19th bride, and had to share...

Dear Jennifer,

Joey, my family, his family, our friends, me, and anyone who had to deal with me during our wedding planning, are so grateful for your help!  Every time we met, I was instantly put at ease because I knew you had everything under control and understood my “vision.”  Every time you met with me, and one of my family members, we would talk about how great you are.  Once you were in the picture, my mom kept saying I was back to my old self (which is a good thing).  I was better able to concentrate on what really matters – me marrying Joey – and not on the other stuff.    

Your advice was always spot on and so helpful, but not pressuring in the least.  I’m sure I don’t even know the extent of it, but your hard work made our wedding perfect.  I am so grateful for the amount of time and how hard you worked on our wedding. You tirelessly worked hard to make sure everything I suggested, asked about, etc. worked out perfectly.  Thank you so much for buying the candles, folding all the programs and tying the ribbons, folding each place card, picking up and delivering the pashminas, and all the other things you did that saved us so much time and were above and beyond! It was so nice being able to give you the programs, placecards, wedding day pictures of parents and grandparents, DVDs of slide show, CD of band break songs, and know they were going to be handled as planned.  It was so nice just not having to see them anymore and make sure they got to where they were supposed to go.

You were the perfect combination of calm, in charge, reassuring, listening, directing, and advising.  The rehearsal was so painless and quick.  Our wedding party was blown away by how little time we spent on tedious things at the rehearsal and on the wedding day, and we’re so grateful to be able to quickly and smoothly celebrate at the reception.   

I told you that I learned throughout wedding planning that I apparently have “control” issues and that I couldn’t imagine just being a guest at my own wedding and sure that everything was being taken care of and done correctly.  But I quickly learned that, because you of, that wouldn’t be the case.

The church looked perfect with the candles and floral arrangements, and everyone seated up front…just like I had asked.  No green cloth on the altar either ;)   

On the wedding day, I have NEVER felt so calm in my entire life.  I was so calm because everything had been taken care of early in the week, the rehearsal went perfectly, and I knew you would be in charge that day and not forget even one of the million things we discussed over those weeks.  I was worried that I would be a control freak at the rehearsal and be a bridezilla directing our friends/wedding party, but I didn’t have to at all because you took charge in a friendly way, and I actually had time to chat with our wedding party and family and just enjoy the rehearsal. I really appreciate you checking with the florist about the birch bark vases – it was so reassuring knowing you’d be checking on it and that you knew exactly what I was talking about it and that they’d be clean and uniform.

There were just so many little things that blew me away.  Putting in my sisters’ hair flowers, directing the limos, putting the champagne in the limos, spraying my dress with static guard, your emergency kits, and even passing out Listerine strips to the bridesmaids!

You answered every email quickly and thoughtfully.  You truly were a Godsend.  I was so worried that on my wedding day I wouldn’t be able to relax or enjoy and experience the true significance of the day because I’d be too involved in the planning of the day and making sure everything was done right.  But it wasn’t like that at all.  I felt SO taken care of, and all I had to do was go to my beauty appointment and get in the limo, and everything would be as I hoped.

Thank you so much for bringing your assistant along too.  That really helped.  I hope you take this as a compliment, but you really felt like an extremely helpful bridesmaid who happened to have wedding planning expertise.  I really enjoyed our time together.   I will definitely be recommending your services as a MUST for a successful wedding.

Maura (McGovern) Kantakevich
February 19, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Katie & Andrew’s Same Day Edit Trailer

This past September we had the pleasure of working on Katie and Andrew's spectacular wedding at The Willard. Suburban Video was there to capture the day, and boy did they do an amazing job! What I loved the most was the same day edit they produced! They worked fast to put together clips from the day into a beautiful reel that guests were surprised to see on plasmas entering the party. This is definitely a wonderful touch to include in your wedding! See a link below to the film!  Also, how beautiful is the bride below...thanks Isacson Studios for the images!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bridget and Frank

Thanks to Blue Sky Films for this great post on our very own Bridget's wedding! It seems like just yesterday, what a fun night!!
Click the link below to see a video from Bridget and Frank's wedding!

The Happy Couple

The Planners: Jen and Bridget
I remember telling her that night at the after party that I was pregnant, and now Tate is here..time flies!