Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bride Love

I am so happy and honored to have such great ladies that work with me in this wedding world.  As SOCO has grown, Nicole and Bridget have excelled at their own events, which makes me very proud and excited for their future weddings!  This week I received glowing ratings from recent clients of theirs via Wedding Wire.  I just had to share them with you, so you too can see how great Bridget or Nicole would be for your wedding! 
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Nicole's 4.21.12 bride at The Willard had this to say...

The day I chose SoCo events for my day-of planning, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. Nicole was everything I was looking for in a wedding planner! She was very organized, professional, and excited to be a part of my big day. I knew I would be able to enjoy my wedding day without having to worry about anything. 

Two months out from the wedding, I was so grateful to have Nicole. She was very responsive to my emails and she scheduled phone calls and meetings so we could go into more detail with the wedding planning. Nicole was in constant communication with the on-site wedding coordinator as well as my other vendors. 

The day of the wedding was surreal and I was able to relax and thoroughly enjoy it because of Nicole. She arrived early with Jen to put together my macaroon wedding favors and they came up to the bridal suite often to check on the bridal party. My parents were very impressed with how great a job she did and how attentive she was to me and my husband at the reception. 

The whole day was just magical. I have received so many compliments from guests on how beautiful the wedding was and how much they enjoyed themselves. I highly recommend SoCo events to any bride and groom. My sister has already decided she will be using them for her wedding!

Bridget's 4.28.12 bride at The Mayflower had this to say...

Our wedding planner, Bridget, was fabulous! She helped make our wedding flawless from beginning to end. She is extremely efficient and organized, and communicated to us in a very timely manner. Bridget kept all the details in order and she showed me creative options for decorating and personal touches for the guests that I never would have considered. She helped design our wedding bags, favors, and even our invitations. Her creativity and eye for design turned my wedding into an elegant masterpiece. Thank you Bridget!

Thanks girls for helping SOCO Events Shine!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Making a Splash!

We are recovering today from an amazing wedding weekend and want to thank our beautiful couple Marybeth and James for letting us be a part of your special day.  
It has been a great year of planning with you, and it was so wonderful to see all our
hard work pay off!

Special thanks to Celeste at Charlie Palmer, DaVinci Florist and the uber-talented Jennifer Lust for her photographic genius.  More from this wedding to follow, but I leave you with the image below.  
I think it sums up how fun and daring these newlyweds are!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Sweet Mini: Miniature Sweets in a Major Way!

I don’t know about you, but I just can’t seem to get enough of mini desserts! I love to incorporate bite-sized sweets into client’s event menus.  With so many different styles and tastes, the sweet mini is sure to be a palate pleaser.

Mini sweets are such a fun way for a couple to share their favorite desserts with their guests.  By offering a variety of sweets, you are giving your guests a taste of something sweet without exhausting their appetite for wedding cake. As a versatile addition to any event menu, mini desserts compliment even the grandest of cakes and work equally as well as part of a dessert bar or as passed late night dance floor sugary treats.

Enjoy the gallery below of some of my sweet mini faves! 

You can’t go wrong with The Classics.
Assorted mini cookies & mini brownies
Great summertime wedding 'Sweet Treats'.
mini pies, mini pie pops & mini fruit tarts
(Photo credits clockwise: Not So Humble Pie

Melt in your mouth ice cream treats.
mini ice cream cones & ice cream sandwiches
  (Photo credits clockwise: Annie Eats, Womans Day, Pinterest, Martha Stewart Weddings )

Mini Cupcakes!

(Photo credits clockwise: Pinterest, Texas Cottage, Poppy TalkFollow Studio, )

Mini Milkshakes are always a crowd pleaser!
(Photo credits clockwise:, Party Perfect Blog, ) 

Mini Wedding Cakes, Cake Pops & Mini Cake Bites are a great option
if you opt out of the traditional wedding cake.
Soyummy and something for every color scheme

When the party continues into the morning hours, I love the idea of 
serving up some mini breakfast goodies to your guests. 
Mini Pancake, Mini Waffles, & Mini Donuts

It is always fun to send your guests home 
with a little late night snack or mini breakfast!
“To go” Donuts are a supercute favor!
(Photo credit: Shauna Younge )  

And that is just a taste of what you can do with mini desserts. 
So…what is your favorite sweet mini?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Starting TODAY, Weddings Have a New Address!

Starting today at 11am EST, weddings have landed at One King's Lane!  
Stroll on over to the lane for one day of fabulous wedding deals on everything from invitations and gifts to decor and honeymoon must haves!  We are super excited to see what one of our local invitation favorites, Haute Papier, has in store!

Haute Papier is tres romantic!

These serving pieces would make for a great sweet station!

What bride would not want to receive these lovely gifts?!?

My bags would always be packed if they looked like these!

Let me know what wedding deals you scored!

{Photo Credits: All photos One King's Lane}

Monday, May 14, 2012

Planning101: Wedding Flowers by Season

As we move into the month of May where ‘April Showers bring May Flowers’, it made me think about the beautiful assortment of flowers available to brides throughout the year.  Living in an area that has four distinct seasons, our florists are fortunate enough to have access to quite a few floral varieties locally.  However, we realize that this is not the case for all of our brides.  
Since most brides begin planning their wedding a year out, we will focus on popular spring florals for this post.  If you are planning for next spring can use this list to determine if the florals that you have always dreamed of having in your wedding are in season and perhaps discover some gorgeous options that you didn’t realize existed. 
Always remember to be open-minded about your flower types.  You don’t want to have your heart set on one particular type to find out that it is naturally not available in the month you choose to get married. 

blue, red, pink, white

Bells of Ireland


Casablanca Lily


white, blue

 purple, pink, white

violet, white


pink, white

white, pink, red, orange, yellow

Star Gazer Lily 
pink, white

white, pink, red/coral, lavender/purple

white, pink, yellow, red, purple

pinky purple, white

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

EVENT: Junko Yoshioka Trunk Show

May 17 – May 19, 2012
By appointment only.  Please call to inquire about the special incentive.   
202. 956,4696.


Preparing for your wedding day can be an incredibly stressful time for many ‘brides to be’.  To help you out, we have created a series called ‘Bridal Beauty’.   Bridal Beauty’ is a series of beauty tips that will help you to alleviate some of the pressure that comes with planning a wedding.  We want you to sit back, relax and enjoy the process of prepping for your walk down the aisle.

The team at SoCo Events has held the hands of many brides through the process of creating their bridal beauty regiment and appointments.   We are here to share with you some of our best wedding day beauty practices. 

We are going to begin this series with ‘Bridal Beauty: Hair Tips’.  Taking proper care of your hair and scheduling maintenance leading up to your wedding day will make all the difference in a perfect hairstyle the day of your wedding.  It is just as important to stay on track with your beauty appointments as you do with the planning leading up to your wedding day.

The most important thing to remember: TIMING IS EVERYTHING! 

·       Trim your tresses!  Schedule a trim about 2 to 3 weeks out from your wedding day – this will allow for that awkward “just cut look” to subside and your hair will look fresh and healthy. Also, be sure you do not do anything drastic  - meaning a completely different hairstyle or color right before your wedding…you do not want to be stuck with a look that you hate on your big day.

·       Color, color, color!  Schedule any color or highlight appointments for approximately 10 days out – so your color is fresh and you have no roots to be found! Again, just stick to a color you know and love – this is not the time to see if Katy Perry’s latest electric blue color works on you.
·       Schedule your Stylist!  Be sure to find and book a hair stylist you are excited about working with to create your bridal look. Sought after stylists in the DC Metro area book up fast!  This is something you or your planner should book early in the planning process to ensure you get your first choice. Regardless of how great your stylist is, make sure you do a bridal hair trial.  This will give you the opportunity to discuss what styles might work best with your face shape, your gown and the overall look you want to achieve on your wedding day. There is nothing worse than having no idea what you want to do with your hair a few hours before you walk down the aisle. 

SoCo Events has great relationships with several fabulous stylists all over the East Coast.  If you would like a recommendation, please do not hesitate to email us and ask! info (at) socoevents (dot) com 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Real Weddings: Chesapeake Bay Beach Club, MD

Being a planner, there are certain weddings that you will always remember.  The marriage of Reina Arai and David Pomeroy is one that I will never forget.  This wedding was a true celebration of love and devotion.  Reina, a talented singer, and David, a Marine, originally met while Reina was on tour with David’s brother in the Earlham College choir.  After the tour ended, David and Reina sporadically kept in touch as they both traveled around the world for their professions.  Almost two years after meeting, David and Reina had their first date.  During the first nine months of dating, David drove from North Carolina to Virginia every weekend to visit Reina.  David and Reina are a true testament to the quote, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’.   

First Look

Reina showing off her fabulous red shoes!

The Kiss

The Reception Décor

Reina’s sister and niece during the ‘bubble send off’
 Click HERE to view the full photo Gallery
SoCo Events was hired as a “Month of Planner” to assist the bride and groom with the details and to make sure everything was perfect.  Reina, who is incredibly organized, had already solidified her vision and major details to her wedding when I met her 11 months prior to the big day.  Reina’s vision included the color scheme of red, pink and grey for the décor.  She also wanted to celebrate David’s Marine Corp background, as this was such an important part of both of their lives. 

These elements were visible throughout the wedding.   The Ceremony ended with the newly married couple walking through a traditional sword arch.  Each of the tables had been named after different ranks in the Marine Corp.  The bridesmaid dresses were grey and Reina’s two maids of honor wore red.  Red, pink and grey poms were strung from the ceiling in the reception.  The guest book was canvas that had been monogrammed in red and grey.  The men wore their Marine Corp uniforms.  The details extended to the grey escort cards that were displayed in beautiful trays filled with red candies. 

In addition, Reina had planned a big surprise for David.  She had a secret second wedding gown.  Reina knew that they were going to see each other prior to their ceremony since they were taking photos together.  After the photos and Immediately before the Ceremony, Reina changed into a second surprise gown.  David was able to see Reina for the first time all over again! 
Wedding Date: September 10, 2011
Number of Guests: 115

Ceremony Venue: Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Grass Terrace / Reception Venue: Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Beach House / Photographer: Susan Solo Photography / Ceremony, Cocktail and Reception Music:  EvanReitmeyer of My Deejay / Caterer: Chesapeake Bay Beach Club