Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Proposal Toasted with Cream Cheese

So every Wednesday morning my daughter and I go for a bagel breakfast at our favorite little spot, Ize's Bagelry, and yesterday we got an extra special treat.  They have a "Trivia Question of the Day" and if you answer correctly you win two free bagels.  Well as we were enjoying our bagels and schmear a young gentleman came in and requested that the question of the day be changed to "THE" question for his girlfriend who was about to come to the bagel shop.  The owners happily obliged and changed the question.
As a wedding planner, I had to stay and witness this!! About 20 minutes later the girlfriend came in and went to order her bagel and then suddenly stopped.  She turned around and there her boyfriend was on bended knee!  The whole shop erupted into applause as she accepted!!

Now, technically she answered the question correctly, so does she get 2 free bagels as well???

Have you ever witnessed a proposal??? Tell me about it!!!

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