Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Preparing for your wedding day can be an incredibly stressful time for many ‘brides to be’.  To help you out, we have created a series called ‘Bridal Beauty’.   ‘Bridal Beauty’ is a series of beauty tips that will help you to alleviate some of the pressure.  We want you to sit back, relax and enjoy the process of prepping for your walk down the aisle.

The team at SoCo Events has held the hands of many brides through the process of creating their bridal beauty regiment and appointments.   We are here to share with you some of our wisdom and best wedding day beauty practices.

This is our third post in this series, ‘Bridal Beauty: Make-up Tips'.  Remember, it is just as important to stay on track with your beauty appointments as you do with your hair appointments as we suggested in our first Bridal Beauty Post.

·       In our first post of this series, I mentioned the importance of booking your wedding day hair stylist early on in the planning process.  You should absolutely do the same when booking your wedding day make-up artist. If you are working with a planner, this is something he/she should book for you right away.  The DC area’s most talented make-up artists book at least a year in advance during busy wedding season.  Therefore, if you get engaged and know who you want to doll you up on your big day, then don’t hesitate to get on their appointment book!
·       When booking your appointment with your make-up artist, make sure that you schedule a trial make-up session. I often coordinate my Client’s hair and makeup trial with a purpose.  What I mean by this is I will book the trial on the day of the couple’s engagement shoot or on the day of the bride’s boudoir session – this way the cost of the trial is well worth it!

·       Create a beauty inspiration board! The easiest and most popular place to do this is on PINTEREST.  I tell my Clients to create a beauty inspiration board to prepare for their hair and make-up trial.  Keep a folder of the looks that you like or want to emulate on your wedding day.  This way, you and the artist have a clear idea of what you like going into the appointment.  This is an immensely helpful and effective way to communicate a bride’s beauty style to her wedding day glam squad. You can view our SoCo Events Bridal Beauty Board on Pinterest HERE.

·       It’s all in the lashes! I highly recommend false lashes to most brides.  I DON’T recommend the extremely fake looking lashes that you find on Snookie and J Wow, but incredibly beautiful, real hair, false lashes applied by your make-up artist. It is amazing what a little lash can do to enhance facial features, and most importantly lashes will have a dramatic effect on how you look in pictures – stunning!

·       I try not to tell my brides how to wear their make-up.  That is something that I trust in a great make-up artist to accomplish. However, one piece of advice that I can give you is if you choose to go with a really dramatic eye, opt for a softer lip, and if you go for a more dramatic lip, go a for a little less drama on the eye. Finding balance is key.  Also, keep in mind your wedding season, venue, style, and geographic location when finalizing your make-up and hair look – you want the entire evening to work cohesively.


·       CONFIDENCE IS KEY! My last bit of beauty advice is to remember to smile big, laugh often, and dance your booty off.  When all is said and done and the final lash is placed – all you need to do is have a blast, enjoy every moment, and walk with confidence and class.

Good luck to all the beautiful brides to be! 

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