Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Navigating the Ups and Downs....of hair

Even though the last few weeks were filled with holiday cheer it was planning time over here at SoCo Events. Holiday weeks are busy with our out of town brides that come home for the holidays. One of our May couples was in from sunny San Diego and we had a few days of "marathon meetings" before sipping on holiday cheer.

The bride's hair trial was one of our top priorities and she followed my instructions well and came with several pictures for inspiration. While the styles were all beautiful and would look great with her dress (always important to keep in mind), they were split down the middle: half were photos of "updos" and the other half were down and pulled back.

This lead me to mentally catalogue my previous brides to see which style wins out in the polls and what the advantages of each are. Today we will look back at brides that chose to wear there hair up.

The image below from Greg Gibson is a classic example of a polished updo. Here, my bride Rebecca wanted to channel Audrey Hepburn and be the epitome of class and style. Paula from Salon 4 did just that, by creating a sophisticated updo. Plus with the beautiful neckline of her Monique Lhuillier dress, up was the only option.

My October bride, Jacquelyn didn't just share a name with Jackie O, she shared her style and look as well. Here the amazing Justine Ungaro captures her entire look, and how the off center chignon, courtesy of the one and only Ismail at George at the Four Seasons Salon, was the perfect choice.

Not all updos have to be tailored and polished, they can also be romantic and soft. Our Bride, Nicole's style was nothing short of dreamy. Here is Ish again,working his magic

Adding the fresh flower made this look complete, as it played off of the flowers on her Monique Lhuillier dress. This is one of our favorite images from the day...thanks Jennifer Lust!

Wearing your hair up is a great choice if you want to rest assured that everything will stay in place, after all it is a long day! Pulling your hair back also allows you to draw attention to your beautiful dress or showcase some amazing jewelry. Girls that do not have hair like Rapunzel will find that an updo works best and can even give the appearance of more luscious locks!

Tomorrow we will dive into the world hair extensions (oh yes) and more when looking back at brides that opted for loose free flowing waves!


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