Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Down Side of Hair

Yesterday we navigated through the updos of wedding hairstyles and today we will tackle the downs. Who doesn't dream of having flowy curls on their wedding day...Kate Middleton anyone??? Wearing your hair down or slightly pulled back is not only romantic, but dare we say sexy.

The first rule of this hairstyle is you have to have hair, and lots of it. Sorry girls but if you can get out of the shower and your hair air dries perfectly straight in five minutes, this may not be the choice for you. Unless of course you call on the experts for "reinforcements."

Below are two examples of hair extensions to pull off the half down look that many girls crave. Even if you have thick locks, the hair extensions add body and volume to make your hair look full and beautiful. Don't worry, you do not need to be a "real housewives" star to get extensions. There are many great options that are clip in (and not the kind that gets you an audition for Jersey Shore), just ask a trusted stylist and run from any that are not real hair!

Both of these lovely ladies were styled by Jean of Salon Jean and Day Spa and photographed by Jennifer Lust, and they both happen to be named Bridget....I promise they did not marry the same groom :)

Wearing your hair down allows you the freedom to be "yourself". Some brides are known for their gorgeous hair, like our bride Carine, yes the same one of Carine's Bridal Atelier. Her hair is just too beautiful to pull back. Giselle of Elegant Hair by Giselle created a masterpiece when working on Carine. Not only did she look stunning, but the look was all her own...again, dare we say sexy!!

Hair down does not always have to be super glamorous, but more beach appropriate. Our Nantucket bride, Rachel was effortlessly chic and preppy in her beach friendly do. And if you think she looks eerily familiar, that is her sister with hair extensions above. I was honored to be asked back by her family to plan the second wedding the next year!

If you simply cannot answer the age old question of "up or down" simply do both! Ismail of George's Salon at The Four Seasons created not one but two looks for our bride Avni. She wanted the more formal look of her hair up for the ceremony, but then wanted a more Hollywood look for her 2nd costume change just in time for dancing.

So what did our bride from yesterday's post, that prompted this hair exploration decide? Well we left the trial with a beautiful updo, but a recent email from her is clearly longing for some of the styles above. I say she does both!


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