Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Change Your Stripes

There is no denying that I love a good stripe.  Stripes have such versatility and can fit into any affair.  A stripe can be the definition of uber-prep, the epitome of class, or fresh and mod all at the same time.  No other pattern can claim such adaptability, proving that maybe you can change your stripes....well at least in weddings!

These preppy stripes are great on the bridesmaid dresses!

Stripey Straws are fun and add great pops of color!

The striped ribbon adds a rustic feel

A striped carnival style tent...yes please!

Striped ribbon candy adds great nostalgia!

How modern and fierce are these Jonathan Adler dishes?!?

Classic stripes pair perfectly with the Black and White cookie favor!
What is your stipe style?

{Photo Credits: 1-That Inspirational Girl, 2-Shop Sweet Lulu, 3- Martha Stewart, 4-Side by Side Blog, 5-Hammond's Candies, 6-Jonathan Adler, 7-Martha Stewart}

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