Monday, February 6, 2012

Menu Reflecting...

This past fall, my bride, Sarah and I were working on the wedding day stationary for her upcoming wedding, and nothing was doing the trick for her in regards to a printed menu. We tried playing with different shapes, sizes, papers, etc and we could not decide on the one. I did not want her to eliminate the menu all together as it such a great way to communicate to guests what will be served and is especially informative to anyone with food allergies or aversions.

She also was not 100% in love with any of the numerous charger plates that we had looked at, and that is when it came to me....let's make the charger the menu, or I could say the menu the charger!

I wanted to use a round mirror as the charger and have the menu written in hand calligraphy on the mirror. I could just picture how beautiful that would look! I immediately called one of my favorite calligraphers, Laura Hooper, and we discussed the details and of course she was up for the task of getting 200 of these complete in time for the big day! I just love how they turned out!!

These mirror calligraphy menus were such a big hit at the wedding, that I decided to incorporate them into our design at the recent Washingtonian Bride and Groom Unveiled bridal show. I think they looked fantastic here as well!

More menu memories to come....

{Photo Credits 1-3: BinaryFlips 4: Holland Photo Arts 5: Washingtonian Bride and Groom}

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