Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pop Presentation

I purchased one of the adorable cake pops for my little one yesterday at Starbucks, and was pleasantly surprised at the presentation. No bag for this pop, rather the pink deliciousness was given to me in box that screamed wedding favor!

The cake pop craze is not going anywhere, but I find that brides do struggle with the idea of cake overload, and are torn about serving wedding cake and more little cakes on a stick. Cake pops make a great favor to go if packaged properly, so today's blog serves as a homage to pop presentation.

I think the Starbuck's box rules supreme, and will definitely be on the search to get these boxes in different colors and with wedding branding, rather than that famous Seattle coffee shop!


{Photo Credits: 1.Rick Torres, 2+3. My Sweet and Saucy Blog, 4. Le Petite Buttercup Blog 5. Laced in Weddings Blog}

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